Big News~Rona is relocating!

Starting just the other day, the Rona Shively Stories is being re-released through Books from Higher Ground!  Rona’s publisher, will be closing its doors in September of this year and so, in order to ensure that Rona’s stories stay available, I have decided to re-release the books under my new publishing company, Books from […]

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When Sisters Attack…

Here’s a snippet from the upcoming Rona Shively story, Thy Will Be Done… “Jane, do you think I’m generally a good judge of character?” I said. She took a bite of her salad and chewed rather thoughtfully for a moment before answering. “Well,” she said. “Sometimes.” I raised my eyebrows at this. “Sometimes?” I said. […]

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2013: The Resolutions

Being over forty, I wasn’t going to spend time making a list of things I planned to do this year.  The idea of forming “resolutions” seemed so childish and outdated that it didn’t seem to be worth doing.  After all, I’m not sure I’ve ever really stuck to any of the ones I’ve made in […]

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Out with the old…

Well, thank God that’s over! 2012 was one of the most difficult years I’ve had in my life and in truth, I’m surprised I was able to accomplish anything with all of the chaos that surrounded me for most of the year.  But, with God’s help, I finished a degree in Religion and my sixth […]

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Looking for gift ideas?

As you’re shopping for gifts for your loved ones this year, take advantage of this special offer: All five (5) Rona Shively Stories for just $40 plus shipping!!! In the Wash Under Lock and Key Keeping the Faith This Side Up Now You See Me plus… a free copy of Don’t Follow Me, I’m Lost: Tales […]

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Here we go!

Hey everyone! It’s been a while since I’ve posted regularly, but I’m back. Big news, the next Rona Shively novel will be out in February of 2013! I’ll be posting details about how you can pre-order your copy of Thy Will Be Done along with my gift to you, a free copy of my book, […]

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