It really can’t be over…

Summer, that is. Usually, I spend this time during my year to work on writing, promoting and generally winding down from what I do during the school year. Since I work in an elementary school, I have to fortunate privilege of being on vacation during the summer months. This year, the plan was to have […]

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Our latest contest…

What Would Rona Do? Rona Shively is nearing the big 4-0. I’m looking for your suggestions about how she might handle this transition in her life. Do you think she’s the type to fret over a couple of grey hairs? Or is she more likely to get even crankier as she ages? After reading Keeping […]

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The Final Mini-Mystery…

Here is week #5’s installment. Good luck! Out of FocusBy Rebecca Benston Grace Martin was a photographer. She was twenty-three, single and desperate. She had been struggling to make ends meet by working two part-time jobs and taking on assorted freelance projects. One of her part-time jobs was as a waitress for a local family […]

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BB’s Mini-Mystery #2 Winner?

Here’s what happened: Standing behind the gun was Regina, Westmiller’s wife. She had long suspected Westmiller was having an affair with someone, but she wasn’t sure who. He spent many nights out without so much as a phone call. He talked incessantly about his friend Art and seemed way too interested in what he was […]

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BB’s Mini-Mystery #2

Board Stiff: A 9 to 5 MysteryBy Rebecca Benston Thornton Westmiller was a prominent executive. He had a corner office, a company car and other perks too numerous to detail. He was also a member of several boards around town. His favorite post was that of Treasurer for a local shelter. One evening, Westmiller received […]

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Got Rona Shively?

Here we go again, folks! Another contest! This time, it’s serious! The prize is a $50 Visa Check Card to use as you please! All you have to do is e-mail me a photo of yourself (clothed, please) holding a copy of either In the Wash or Under Lock and Key or both! This contest […]

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The Winning Entry

On Monday, I announced the winner of the Got Character? contest. Julia Johnson submitted an intriguing character by the name of Toby Jo Cartwright. I figured I’d take a little time tonight to tell you a little bit about the character and why I thought this was the best of the bunch. The character of […]

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